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Helium Balloon FAQ

    • Balloons are easy to fill with helium! ALL Mylar (or foil) balloons are self-sealing except mini balloons which must be heat-sealed after filling with air. The new E-Z Fill mini balloons are self-sealing!
    • All balloons are shipped Deflated.
    • Balloons can be filled by someone else for a small fee. Try your local party store, florist or grocery store. Florists are generally the most expensive.
    • Balloons can be filled by YOU with a helium tank that is rented or purchased from a local party store. This method is generally cheaper and more convenient as you don't have to transport them.
    • How much helium do I need for my balloons? The amount of helium needed can be approximated using the following guidelines:
      • 11-18" balloon = 1.5 cubic foot helium
      • 22-26" balloon = 3 cubic feet helium
      • 27-32" balloon = 6 cubic feet helium
      • 33-38" balloon = 12 cubic feet helium
      • 45-49" & Airwalker = 5 cubic feet helium
    • Mylar balloons can be re-used! Once your celebration is over, you can insert a LONG straw into the opening and gently press down until all the helium has escaped through the hole. Carefully fold the balloon and store. Do not crease the helium balloon as this may cause holes or may cause the paint to come off the balloon.
    • Mylar balloons will float for 2-14 days, depending on humidity, temperature, altitude and other environmental factors.
    • Latex balloons will float for 4-16 hours, depending on humidity, temperature, altitude and other environmental factors.
    • Bubble Balloons are worth the extra money! These new balloons are non-latex and hospital safe. They blow-up like a beach ball with smooth seams! When inflating Bubble Bubbles, never leave ANY wrinkles at the seam. Although the balloon will seem tight, continue inflating and stop just as the wrinkles disappear. Secure the Bubble Balloon TIGHTLY with a Cinch Knot if not self-sealing. Bubble Balloon Cinch Knot:
      1. Make a loop around your wrist and grab both tails.
      2. Use your other hand to pull the loop over itself and create a double loop.
      3. Put your thumb, index, and middle finger through the double loop so it will open and close on itself.
      4. Twist the neck of the balloon, pass it through the loop, and cinch tightly.
      5. Turn the balloon upside down, then pull the tails apart VERY tightly. Bring the tails around to the opposite side of the neck and tie twice.
    • Mini Air-filled Balloon Sealing Instructions: Air inflate the balloon and the neck. Slide your thumb and index finger down, flattening the neck so that there are no creases. Have your heat-sealer set at a low setting and place the neck of the balloon over the sealer very close to the opening. Push the lever down for 3-5 seconds after the light goes out. Seal again behind the first seal. If you don't have a heat sealer, in a pinch you can use a curling iron, a plastic bag sealer or an iron. These may leave a color residue on your appliance.
    • The helium (air) inside the balloons will expand if left in a hot area, be careful if you are filling up the balloons inside a cool area and then taking the balloons outside where it is hot. Balloons are fun and safe outdoors just underinflate slightly if they will be in direct sunlight as the heat will cause them to expand and pop! Don't leave balloons in a hot car! (Latex balloons are much safer in the heat than Mylar balloons due to their ability to expand but latex balloons won't handle humidity well!)
    • The helium (air) inside the balloons will constrict if left in a cold area. Don't worry, as soon as the air warms up they will expand back to their original size. (This happens within seconds and kids love to watch, it is like a magic show!)
    • Balloons in very large bunches may lose their effectiveness. Try small to medium balloon bunches (about 5-8 balloons) scattered throughout the party area, this can pull the entire area together and create the festive atmosphere throughout!
    • Balloons in very small bunches may lose their effectiveness. If you have less than 4 balloons it may get lost, instead place one large bunch in a prominent location for the most impact! The prominent location for this balloon bunch may not be the corner table where the presents are. Choose a spot where people will notice the balloons when first arriving, this will help to set the mood of the guests!
    • Mixing balloon types can be a great way to decorate with a lavish look and still watch the pocketbook. Using one large helium balloon with 5-8 latex balloons will create impressive balloon bouquets without too much damage to the pocketbook. Try putting the latex balloons about 1 foot above the one large helium balloon, or try the opposite. Put the one large helium balloon about 1 foot above the latex balloons, this has a dramatic effect and is a natural spotlight for the large helium balloon!
    • Curling ribbon is needed to tie the balloons to either balloon weights or some other object once they are inflated with helium. We sell the Curling Ribbon in different sizes and colors. The color of the curling ribbon is a 'personal taste'. Sometimes the ribbon matches the balloons or is a discreet ivory or white, this option is used in most weddings, anniversaries or other formal occasions. The curling ribbon can also be a bright color that contradicts the balloon color, this can be quite amazing and often is used in a more 'party' atmosphere.
    • Inflated balloons need to be tied to balloon weights or some other object heavy enough to hold them down.
    • Our balloons are guaranteed to inflate and float properly! We use the highest quality latex and Mylar balloons. Anagram International and M&D Industries are two major balloon companies with the highest reputation that make only quality balloons. Qualatex is the name of our latex balloon manufacturer and is known throughout the industry as the latex balloons specialist! Balloon Maniacs uses these balloon companies because of their reputable balloons.

We hope this is enough to get you started on your way to a successful celebration that incorporates balloons! If this is your first celebration with balloons, you will soon find that balloons are loved by children and adults, you just can't go wrong with balloons!